I noticed you are a Canadian Company; Do you deal exclusively in Canada?

As a Canadian company, we naturally do business with many other Canadian companies. However, we also export to many foreign destinations –
The United States, The Caribbean, and as far as Europe.

I am looking for a mould in Brazilian Cherry or other exotic woods; Can you deliver a mould using exotic species of wood?

Absolutely. We stock our profiles in American Yellow Poplar, Northern Red Oak and Hard Maple. We have very good sources for many exotic lumbers and have the ability to machine all species on the market.

I have a very specific mould in mind that is not available in your catalogue, are you able to reproduce this mould?

Yes! With our experienced in-house design team, all designs can be reproduced to your specifications. We design, template, and grind all profiles on site.

What would be the best way to get information regarding building a home or advice on projects?

We have a number of experienced outside sales people who will come to the site to talk to you about your project. They will measure for you. Furthermore, you can come to our showroom and the sales staff will gladly help with any questions you have.