Arches & Curves

Balmoral Lumber & Millwork Ltd. specializes in curved baseboards, door casings, back-bands, crowns, chair rails and panel moulds.


Information For Ordering Curved Mouldings

Casings - Solid Wood or MDF
A. True half-circle? Simply provide us with either a radius or diameter
B. Arch (eyebrow or segment) rise and chord or template
C. Ellipse - We require a template always
D. Moulding number, species, lengths, and count

Backbands - Solid Wood only
A. Radius on main casing that backband is to attach to
B. Type of curves (arch, ellipse, half-circle and information under Casings)
C. Moulding number, species, lengths, and count

Crowns - Solid Wood only
A. Is wall concave or convex?
B. Radius of wall
C. Piece count and length of moulding needed (add 20% for waste)
D. Moulding number, species, lengths, and count

Baseboards - Solid Wood only
A. If Baseboards are being used on a curved wall (concave and/or convex) as
Baseboards or as part of a Crown detail on a wall, then refer to Crown instructions
B. If Baseboards are used as Casing or as part of a Crown detail where they lay
out on the ceiling and not on the wall, see information under Casing instructions.

Lineal Mouldings - Flexible Products
If these are used horizontally on curved walls, they will not need to be pre-cast.
Only lineal footage is needed. Flexible mouldings are often a cost effective
alternative for applications that require a paint finsh only.





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