Custom Millwork

Mouldings, Arches, Curves & CNC Machining

Choose from thousands of special order profiles or create a custom design that is unique to your application. Both special and custom millwork orders should always allow for extra footage; Failure to do so will result in additional time and setup charges. We will fill specified cut lists for an additional charge of 15%. Lengths are sold to the nearest foot. Please refer to our Arches and Curves page for more information on measuring for your application. Most moulding profiles are available in arch or curved forms. Our CNC program allows you to create that one off item quickly and accurately making your project unique. All special and custom work will require signed off approval before production begins. Delivery of such items normally takes ten working days.

** Please be advised that all CAD drawings, templates and tooling will remain property of Balmoral Lumber and Millwork Limited.

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